Why setup a Dubai offshore company?

The 7th emirate of the U.A.E. along the Arabian Gulf coast with a swarming population of 3,123,426 and growing business opportunities is what best describes ‘DUBAI’ – The City of Gold

The city has attracted many businessmen globally and the testimony to the fact is that although Arabic being the official language, English has become a dominant language in business. The current ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum devised an economic policy that led to an outbreak of rapid economic activity and has brought about a huge business boom in Dubai.

Ask a professional and he would say why a Dubai offshore company formation is a wise business decision to take. The main reasons are –

  • It is tax free.
  • Portrays a favorable image of your company
  • No register of shareholders or directors
  • Speedy incorporation

The main advantages of a Dubai offshore company formation are –

  • You get a corporate bank account in the UAE.
  • An offshore company can act as an intermediary in transactions with foreign companies.
  • Dubai is a business hub.
  • Dubai enjoys strategic location advantages.
  • With a Dubai offshore company formation, you can open a Bank account in Dubai.
  • You can invoice international clients from UAE.
  • One major advantage of a Dubai offshore company formation is that you have complete ownership of your assets.
  • Your name is completely confidential. The bank account is operated in the name of the offshore company without your name having being involved in it.

To sum it all up, if you have wealth, property or any form of income which you would like to keep confidential, then a Dubai offshore company formation is certainly a good idea. The UAE is not bound by any treaty or disclosures, meaning no investment, trade or shares information needs to be divulged.

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