Dubai Offshore Company Formation in UAE

Dubai Offshore Company Formation in UAE

One of the latest initiatives by the Dubai government has been the setting up of Dubai offshore companies, which will be covered under Jebel Ali Free Zone offshore companies Regulations 2003 with effect from January 15, 2003. The regulations for Dubai company formation are made by the chairman of the Dubai port, customs and free zone Corporation in accordance with the authority given to him by Dubai laws numbers 1 & 4 of 2004 through registered agent for Dubai offshore.

Why Setup an Offshore Company?

There are a lot of reasons why so many private individuals and businesses set up an offshore company by hiring Abu dhabi company formation services, however, some of the reasons are highlighted below:

  • Confidentiality and anonymity.
  • Asset protection
  • No accountant costs
  • Corporate bank account
  • Business can be conducted internationally
  • completely tax free
  • Complete ownership, involvement of no local national required
  • No office space required
  • Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
  • Quick incorporation in 2-3 working days.

Even if the process is simple and straightforward, hiring registered agent for your business will definitely go a long way in helping you establish your offshore company in Dubai. As a registered agent for Dubai offshore, Cosmohub has a right expertise and contacts to help you for Dubai offshore company registration and other related formalities.

Features & regulations:

The capital of the Dubai offshore company formation can be any amount divided into any denomination.

  • Minimum one shareholder is required for Dubai company formation.
  • The minimum number of directors are 2
  • All shares must be fully paid when allocated and no bearer shares or differential classes of shares are allowed. However, there is no requirement to deposit the capital in bank.
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted and 100% tax and duty exemption exists for Dubai offshore company formation.
  • Opening a corporate bank account in a bank at Dubai, UAE is permitted.
  • A registered agent for Dubai offshore (legal firms, auditors, consultants) is required to be appointed by the Dubai offshore Company from the approved list of registered agents maintained by Jabel Ali Free Zone.
  • The Dubai company formation domicile is located in the Jabel Ali Free Zone.

The investors need not visit the authority to incorporate the offshore company formation in UAE, however the documents need to be signed in the office of the registered agent for Dubai offshore company formation.

  • Audited financials will be requested only in case of suspicion.

Duration of Dubai company formation: 1 to 5 working days for the formation and shareholders are not required.

We are registered agent for Dubai offshore and provide a comprehensive range of business management services to individuals and companies for Dubai Offshore company formation. Adhering to the highest international standards of quality, and provisions of the existing regulations to incorporate your business to get set up in Dubai and the United Arab emirates, Cosmohub is a top ranked registered agent for Dubai offshore which offers you registered agent services in Dubai offshore.

Documents Required:

  • Bank Reference letter
  • Copy of passport
  • Resume from the share holder/s
  • Address proof(any utility bills/certificates)
  • Application and documentation

Other Requirements/Exceptions:

  • Shareholders’ presence is required
  • Number of directors must be 2

Advantages of Offshore Company Formation in UAE

There are various advantages of Dubai Offshore Company set up:

  • An offshore company formation in UAE can portray a good impression to your clients as well as suppliers.
  • There is no public register of shareholders and directors in Dubai company formation.
  • An Offshore Company Formation in UAE is quick and easy to incorporate.
  • One of the Dubai offshore company benefits is that there is very simple reporting as well as regulatory requirements
  • It can be suitable for any sort of international business.
  • There is high degree of privacy for corporate information.
  • You will own Dubai offshore company cost which includes assets, real estate, etc.

Offshore Company Formation in UAE

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