PRO services in Abu Dhabi made convenient and quicker

PRO services in Abu Dhabi made convenient and quicker

PRO Services in Abu Dhabi In the UAE, any business you do require a paper trail which means you need to fill in and process various applications and forms at different stages of each procedure. It is a daunting task and your time is valuable. So, wouldn’t it be great if you appoint us as your representative to handle all your paperwork and processes on your behalf?

Cosmohub is ranked one of the best PRO service companies in Dubai and offers you the flexibility of outsourcing all your long procedures for obtaining business licenses, visa, legal documents and a lot more. We undertake application preparation of applications, submission, follow-up and completion processes whenever you need any assistance. We accept both personal and corporate level PRO work.

The systematic and well-organized PRO services in Abu Dhabi calls for a very dedicated team that work towards getting the formalities met in a smooth way. Cosmohub provides value-added PRO service in Dubai to help foreign companies and immigrants get all the proper clearances with respect to passport, license and the other legal necessities.

The market in Abu Dhabi is excellent for foreign companies to set up various lines of business. PRO services in Abu Dhabi that we offer caters to all the related services for Visa and passport clearance, Labor & Immigration Services, Corporate Support Services, General Audit Service‏s, Trademark Registration and Retainership Service‏s and other services related to the corporate licensing and trademarks.

Cosmohub PRO Services in Abu dhabi

We provide you exclusive PRO services in Abu dhabi on an annualized basis or on a project basis. It is a specialized service for companies that need to hire service for labor, immigration, economic and municipality department affairs. By hiring PRO service providers in Dubai, companies can save time, energy as well as money.

As part of our chain of cheap PRO services in Abu dhabi that is offered by Cosmohub we enlist our services as below:

  • Helping towards Visa Processing for employees of companies
  • Immigration formalities or issue UAE passport for citizenship and for expatriates
  • Visa renewal or health insurance applications
  • Authenticate the foreign companies’ documentations
  • Resident visa application and cancellation formalities
  • Proceeding for commercial licence procurement for companies from the Department of Economic Development and Ministry of Economy
  • Company registration and certification with the Ministry of Labor
  • Complying with the language and the text
  • Work permit applications and getting approvals
  • Providing establishment card services and e-signature services
  • Estimation of assets and liabilities of foreign company
  • Functional reviews and auditing standards for corporate

The list of PRO services in Abu Dhabi caters to so many approvals and attestations from the concerned departments of the ministries in Abu Dhabi. We at Cosmohub provide best Pro services in Abu dhabi so as to help in quick and easier approval processes. The foreign companies will be benefited in setting up their business in the Free zone of Abu Dhabi and also we help to get all the initial formalities related with registration, document verification and Government approval through the proper channel as per the rules.

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