Labor & Immigration Registration Processing For Employees

Labor & Immigration Registration

We undertake all kinds of Labor & Immigration Registration in Dubai, UAE for individuals and company. For more assistance. Email us at, or complete the form , or call one of our offices. Our friendly staff will evaluate how we can best help you.

Each emirate in the UAE has their own Department of Naturalization and Residency to take care of immigration, visa, and entry permit related issues, search for and apprehend overstayers and illegal immigrants, or issue and renew UAE passports for UAE nationals.

Resident expatriates with a UAE residence visa (or permit) that allows them to live in the UAE for a period of time (usually 3 years between renewals, sometimes 1 year). For all issues to do with permission to visit and/or live in the UAE, contact the relevant immigration office in the emirate in which you live or plan to live. If visiting the UAE, contact the immigration office of the emirate in which you expect to arrive.

Note that Al Ain is not an emirate, it is a city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Note also that although immigration rules are federal, they are not applied consistently in each emirate. Sharjah especially, seems to do their own thing.

Immigration Departments are UAE government offices so that means they will be staffed predominantly by UAE nationals. Being able to speak Arabic is therefore a bonus but most or all officials that deal with the public will also speak some English. For most expatriates coming to work in the UAE, their company PRO will be dealing with all the paperwork anyway, and will sort out the residence visa without you needing to visit the immigration department.

The Immigration Services consists of the following:

  • 1. Visa for employees
  • 2. Visa for Investors
  • 3. Visa for spouse & children
  • 4. Visa renewal
  • 5. Visa cancellation
  • 6. Documents clearance
  • 7. Immigration Consultation
  • 8. Immigration Documents preparation
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