Business & Company set up in Dubai

Business & Company set up in Dubai

Business set up in Dubai, the competition has increased tremendously and the number of opportunities for companies coming from outside the country has also gone high. The policies and the rules governing the Dubai Company set up may seem a little tedious but then it will all be well paid off by way of when the companies get a clean chit to commence business in this majestic city. Cosmohub helps entrepreneurs in Dubai company set up.

Cosmohub Management Consultancyoffers specialized solutions to provide towards Dubai company set up for a foreign company. Dubai is considered one of the richest growing markets in the world and the state-of-the-art infrastructure is ideal for businesses to flourish. Dubai Company set up must cater to some formalities that involve registration and obtaining a trade license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development and further other approvals from the ministries. We ensure to provide the best services for business set up in Dubai, maintenance along with restoration, structuring and managing your company.

If you are thinking of a Dubai company set up then you can avail our services to identify the best locations based on your plans. The services that we provide are given by a team of experts who are specialized in various spheres pertaining to legal formalities, management, solicitors and business strategy for company set up in Dubai. After analyzing the market and looking at the business set up in Dubai, our team suggests the best plan, Dubai company set up cost and the right methods so as make it easy for any foreign company. In fact there are so many small business entrepreneurs from across the globe who have benefitted in getting a smooth entry into the global platform. In the past few years we have seen a good number of foreign companies making the most of doing business in the Free Zone that assures 100 percent tax free benefits and other profits. Based on all these facts, we will then suggest the best locations for your company set up in Dubai. The partnership with a local sponsor will however help the Company set up in Dubai to prosper and to have an amiable rapport with the local businessmen in here.

The Cosmohub Services:

  • Collect required documents online and offline for company set up in Dubai
  • Deliver the documents to the respective sites
  • Follow up with clients systematically
  • Plan and schedule online meetings with potential clients for business set up in Dubai
  • Organize and meet the bank officials for resolution
  • Ensure professional tone in business communications to set up your company in Dubai

Cosmohub, a renowned business set up consultant in Dubai will help in relieving a foreign business entrepreneur off the tasks that will take a lot of time when you approach the legal procedures individually for business set up in Dubai. We help as a liaison between the legal formalities and the business.

How to set up a business in Dubai freezone?

  • You must have a viable business plan which includes the study of the market conditions and your forecast results. You must find the necessary investment from your own resources or through your bank or by hiring a business consultant in Dubai.
  • The law requires that you have a local partner to hold the majority interest and control the business, which may include closing it if necessary. The partner should own 51% of the company, therefore being able to call all the shots regarding it.
  • When the business is registered, you must show the Ministry of Commerce that you have a substantial cost of business set up in Dubai. The required sum varies between the states (it’s between $10,000/£6,500 and $50,000/£33,500 in most cases) and is regarded as a guarantee against the liabilities.

Offshore Company Set Up in Dubai

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