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What are PRO Services?

PRO service in UAE is document clearing services which include the following:

  • Document attestation
  • Chamber of commerce/ foreign affairs attestation
  • Assistance for government work
  • Processing of visa and renewal
  • Processing of employee labor and immigration cards
  • Registration and renewal of trade license
  • Processing of documents from Dubai municipality and chamber of commerce.

Cosmohub is a name you can trust when it comes to PRO service in Dubai for any foreign company to set up in. We are ranked among the top PRO service companies in Dubai. We offer number of PRO services in Abu dhabi which cater to various eminent departments of the ministries in Dubai. There are specific rules with respect to the Visa Processing for Employees and the immigration or issue UAE passport for citizenship and for expatriates. The immigration rule varies from one emirate to the other. We offer prompt and reliable service with respect to the immigration procedures depending on the duration (long term or permanent) or the status if under employment, family and business categories of Dubai Visa.

The labor and immigration services that we provide adheres to the rules and regulations laid by different emirates and in the case of expatriates the PRO service in Dubai that we offer helps them with all the paperwork formalities without having to go to the immigration office and stand for hours to get the formalities done. When it comes to Corporate Support Services, the authentication and seal process is quite high. The list of services that we provide includes license renewal and amendments, corporate banking processes, chamber of commerce certificate, labor and immigration registration and address (P.O. Box Registration and Renewal), company rubber stamp fixing and other services to help a corporate foreign company set up in Dubai and other emirates. The General Audit service that we focus upon ensures that all the reports and accounts pertaining to the official formalities like estimation of assets, liabilities, functional reviews and auditing standards.

This involves preparation of financial statements, book keeping records, tracking potential risks and maintaining up to date records. Being one of the best pro service providers in Dubai, Cosmohub also provides Intellectual Property Services and Trademarks services with the help of licensed associates that we have hired. The nature of the job involves a lot of strategic patents and trademark support and this should comply with the original norms set for the companies. Our retainership service complies with employment visa services, trade license services, labor card services, establishment card services and e-signature services. We also provide for commercial permit, commercial registration amendment services, labor card services and E-signature services.

PRO Service in Dubai for Company formation

While setting up a company in Dubai, you have to follow a number of steps like getting approval from immigration and labor ministries, licensing and registration, opening a corporate bank account and so on. Cosmohub helps in successful set up of business in Dubai by completing all standard procedures and getting the necessary approvals from the UAE government authorities.

PRO Service in Dubai for Company liquidation

Just like company formation in Dubai, liquidation of any existing business has many procedures to be followed strictly. Our reputed business consultancy clarifies all the steps and simplifies the entire procedure of dissolving the company for you as quickly as possible.

VISA Processing

Besides the formation of your company in Dubai, Cosmohub ensures to provide you best PRO services in Dubai. Small and large scale companies give Visas for their workers and obtaining labor cards from the immigration department.

The PRO service in Dubai is a very essential aspect to get all the possible clearances with respect to passport, business clearance, immigration, company license, trademarks and certification. We ensure that all our clients and individuals are given the best support and PRO service in Dubai to help them with their stay and business in Dubai and other emirates in UAE.

Onshore Company Formation

  • Onshore Company
  • LLC Company Formation
  • Professional Companies
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Branch Of Foreign Company
  • Rep. Office Of Foreign Company
  • General Partnership Firm
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Pvt. Shareholding Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Business set up in Abu Dhabi
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