General Audit Service

General Audit Service

Auditing can be understood as the official, proficient, autonomous inspection and confirmation of a corporate’s fiscal reports and accounts in accordance to the generally established auditing standards.

Accounting services are the preparing and maintaining of a financial statement of business undertakings and include details of asset estimates, liabilities and corporate functional outcomes.

We take pride in our high standard of Accounting and Auditing services which include:

  • Financial Statement preparation and audits
  • Write up assistance, compilation and review of financial statements
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly bookkeeping
  • Assistance with preparing and maintaining accounts
  • Identify potential risks
  • Focus on unconsidered and favorable opportunities

Hectic, day to day business issues can take its toll on your company finances, therefore we reckon you to rely on our accounting and auditing expertise to take prudent decisions that are based on established accounting practices, industry benchmarks and up to date information. We are proud of the value we add to each of our patrons to guide them through the tough grounds of financial hassles.

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